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After-School Martial Arts Program

After-School Pickup Provided!

Students are picked up daily at school by reliable staff.

We pick up your child from school and take them right to our martial arts studio for an afternoon of martial arts in Arlando. We have fun, games, exercise, lessons on life — a wide range of activities including free time for homework.

After-School Martial Arts Program in Orlando After School Pick up Program

Your Child Will Be In A Safe Place

The Safety and Security of your child are our highest priority during our After-School Martial Arts program.

Parents are impressed by the level of security and safety at our after-school program. In fact, we pick your kids up from school in our own staff vehicle.

We never hand them off to anyone else. We want our students to feel safe while they’re with us — that’s why we make sure they have a welcoming and motivating learning environment.

What We Feed Grows

Children do not lack focus or concentration. They spend hours FOCUSED on their phones.

What kids lack is the discipline to focus on what is actually nourishing for their mind, body, and spirit.

The instructors for our After-School Martial Arts are good, positive role models that will help your children make the most of their participation in our program.

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Great instructors that love martial arts. Fun after school and summer camps.

Trishia Johnson

We Are MATA Certified

The Martial Arts Teachers’ Association (MATA) Instructor Certification is the premier martial arts instructors’ professional certification.

The comprehensive program includes child psychology, motivation, pedagogy, movement science, effective communication and more.

We know that walking into a martial arts school can be intimidating. That’s why are staffed with professional instructors trained in modern teaching methods and certified by the Martial Arts Teachers’ Association.

Martial Arts Instructor Certification graduate certificate


What ages do you accept?

We accept children from Kindergarten to 5th grade.

Do you teach martial arts every day?

Yes. We have one 45-minute class Monday – Friday

Are you open when school is closed?

Yes. We offer one-day or weekly camps when schools close. We are closed on National holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas etc…

Do I need to buy a uniform?

No uniform is required. Children can wear their belt, black sweat pants and a school t-shirt.

Do I need to purchase sparring equipment?

Sparring equipment is required for the safety of your children. Though our sparring is light contact, we always put safety first.

Are you a licensed daycare center?

We are not a daycare center. Our mission is to teach martial arts, fitness, and life skills.

We operate under the “come and go” policy as outlined in our County Child Care Facilities Ordinance.


What We Do

Safety and Security

Our after-school program facility is a clean and safe environment for your child. Our instructors are trained not to just look out for the safety and security of our kids, but also keeping our facility spotless and clean.


From free time to learning time, our schedule has been developed through the years to keep kids engaged and active throughout the day. We also include a rest period so children can take a nap, read a book or just relax quietly

Empower Kickboxing™ Training

Empower Kickboxing™ is an easy-to-learn martial arts system that is perfect for a summer camp setting. The skills are highly effective and easy to learn, unlike traditional martial arts.

Life Skills Training

Kids will learn about decision-making and actually do roleplays that will increase their confidence when faced with an uncomfortable situation like dealing with bullies. We’ll teach them situational awareness so they can recognize and avoid bad cirumcstances.

What We Don’t Do

We Don't Baby Sit

Our business is NOT the supervision or babysitting business. We teach kids martial arts and mentor children, building discipline, respect, instilling character, manners, and life skills, exercise, and self-defense.

We Are a No Bully Zone

In our facility, bullying isn’t tolerated. We actually host seminars with national bullying experts to teach our families what bullying is and how to prevent it.

We Do Not Permit Foul Language

We want kids to develop confidence and character. Words matter and we help the kids understand that through lessons and example.

We Do Not Compromise on Safety

Nothing is more important to you and to us than the safety of your child. Our instructors are screened and trained to always place safety first.

We Do Not Allow WiFi on Our Computers

We’ve been teaching our kids that earning privileges is an important life skill indeed. One privilege they earn is access to our game area. We have only G-rated games in the section and children are allowed to bring their own games inside. None of our computers have WiFi, which means no temptations.

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Great instructors that love martial arts. Fun after school and summer camps.

Trishia Johnson