Teen Martial Arts Classes in Orlando

Positive Peer Group

NEVER have OUR MOST vulnerable teens had
access to the most dangerous influences.


In Teen Martial Arts Students learn how to set and achieve goals.

Achieving the goal of learning self-defense, kickboxing, and martial arts is much easier when you’re in our positive, motivating, and exciting Empower Kickboxing™ program. That same goal-setting process will help you in every area of life.

How to Manage Emotions

Life doesn’t always go according to plan.

We all have bad days. We make mistakes and encounter challenges. The earlier we learn how to manage our emotions, the easier it will be for us to handle challenges later on and maintain a positive outlook.

LEARN Interpersonal Skills

We teach teens critical conversational and interpersonal skills.

We teach teens how to introduce themselves, how to start a conversation, how to show respect, ask for and provide help, understand others’ perspectives, and resolve conflicts.


Teens don’t care what you know until they know you care. We focus on smart decision-making, physical health, a positive attitude, and situational awareness.

Mentors play an important, but different role in a child’s life than parents. The most influential mentors are those who empower the child to be their own best sensei.

Teen Martial Arts 6 teens lined up smiling with guard up

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Teens Learn Important Values

Students gain internal strength to mold their values and shape their decisions.

Our program for teens builds character, instills life-enhancing values and promotes healthy choices through the martial arts.

Instill the Value of Being a Lifelong Student

We use the black belt as a metaphor for excellence in every area of life. 

Students are taught bring the black belt attitude to everything they do. The black belt attitude is a positive mental attitude of possibility. If you work hard and you follow through on your goals, good things will happen. 

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Great instructors that not only care about how the students develop martial arts skills, but also how they develop their life skills. We drive past a lot of other schools to get there, but it is definitely worth it. Everyone is like family."

Tammy Esteves


Do I have to wear the uniform?

We just require the pants and belt. The traditional martial arts uniform is called a “Gi.” We prefer you wear our uniform which is our school t-shirt, your belt, and a pair of Gi pants.

How much does it cost?

Our tuition varies depending on the program you choose. We have programs that range from a one-day self-defense seminar to programs that cover all the way from white belt to black belt and everything in between. We’ll see what program is best for you after your first free trial lesson.

Is there a family discount?

We have lots of families that train together, so YES, we have discounted family programs.

It seems like learning martial arts is hard. Is this going to take years to learn?

Traditional martial arts are hard to learn. That’s why we don’t teach them. Empower Kickboxing is designed to be easy to learn. It’s the martial art that you can truly Master Faster.

I've never really been that athletic. Can I do this?

The beauty of Empower Kickboxing is that almost everyone starts as an out-of-shape white belt. So, you don’t have to be in shape or highly coordinated. As you advance in rank, you’ll get in better shape following a proven, safe program that is focused on bringing you along, building your skill and getting you in shape.

I've been getting bullied. How soon will I be able to kick their butts?

“Kicking” anyone’s butt is ALWAYS the LAST RESORT. We will teach you how to deal with bullying without resorting to violence.

The goal of martial arts is Peace Through Superior Conduct (and Firepower :0)