Martial Arts Summer Camp Orlando

Orlando Summer Camp


If you want to send your child back to school with more confidence and self-defense training then the Unity Martial Arts Summer Camp is for your family.

We keep things safe, organized, and fun.

We teach a daily martial arts class and include field trips to the pool, park, bowling alley, and bounce house.

So, if you want your child to be confident and skilled to stay safe, our program is for you.

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Free After-School Pick Up

Our Martial Arts After-School Program in Orlando


Unity Martial Arts After-School Martial Arts is a martial arts-based program that teaches children how to set goals and achieve them.

Our After-School Martial Arts program gives parents peace of mind in knowing their child is safe, learning, and having fun.

At our after-school program, students can also play soccer, and dodgeball, watch movies, play games, do homework, or just socialize with their friends.

We pick up your child straight from school and take them to our martial arts studio.

Parents appreciate the level of care at our after-school program. All kids are picked up by staff in our own vehicles.

Martial Arts Classes for Children in Orlando


Our young students gain self-esteem while attaining the valuable skill set of self-defense.

The Unity Martial Arts Academy students acquire skills that help them succeed at school, at home, and in life.

Our students are taught proven martial arts and self-defense skills and most of all, when to use them and not to abuse them.

That’s why Unity Martial Arts training is so great for kids in Orlando.

We use the excitement of the martial arts to gain your child’s attention and focus them on healthy decisions including how to recognize, avoid, and defend against threats from the web to the playground.

Unity Martial Arts for Children provides a stable, nurturing, learning environment for young students.

We Are MATA Certified

We know that walking into a martial arts school can be intimidating. That’s why are staffed with professional instructors trained in modern teaching methods and certified by the Martial Arts Teachers’ Association.

Martial Arts Instructor Certification graduate certificate