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The martial arts is a fantastic way to gain control of your life and transform yourself into a healthy, confident person.

However, martial arts is also an unlicensed profession. There are hundreds if not thousands of various styles and interpretations. 

While earning a black belt is an honored achievement, no universal standards exist for obtaining the coveted rank. 

There are also no professional or educational requirements to open a school.

Someone could come out of college with an MBA and open a school and someone could come out of prison and open down the street. 

When it comes to choosing a martial arts school, it’s all about the instructor. A martial arts school is first and foremost a personality-driven business. 

The atmosphere, attitude, and makeup of the school reflect the owner/instructor. With that in mind, here are seven steps to choosing a good school. 

Step One: Continuing Education

Because martial arts is an unlicensed practice, you want a school that is committed to continuing education. 

For instance, schools that are members of the Martial Arts Teacher’s Association (MATA) are schools that are keeping up to date with best practices for teaching, classroom management, and safety. 

MATA is the largest organization specifically focused on instructor education and offers the MATA Instructor Certification Program. Look for MATA Certification as an indicator of the schools’ commitment to continuing education.